White Center Eagles #2568
White Center Eagle's President
               Etta Major
Welcome to our website. We will be posting on the first day of
         very month.

I am working on this website and hope
to finish it by the end of January.
          Your Webmaster
            Larry Winkler
Donna Heiland  Ok mess with me now
Aerie #1 1906
Auuxiliery Walking Flag
Outback member Mischief
The Snowman Art
The Outback Summer Time
Frank's Gardshed
 Kody our club manager
Gail Shaw the 50/50 Queen
              Brothers and Sisters,
We are off to start a Joyous Holiday Season.
Your family at Aerie #2568 has lots of events planned for the holidays,quite a few with food too! We have lots of football games and the club will be open so that we can all share yelling at the big screen. There will be breakfast every Sunday except for New Years Eve.
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